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If you run a small business, hate bookkeeping, tax and year ends, and want to cut your costs considerably, call us today: 01945 588105 or email me direct:

Everyone hates bookkeeping. Yet we have to do it. But because of the complexities of Anti-Money-Laundering legislation, VAT, PAYE and TAX, it can get very expensive. But not all accounting firms are the same...

We have better, faster systems so you pay a LOT less

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About The Team

My name is Quentin Pain. I know exactly what it's like when you're starting out or running a small business. The costs keep mounting up. I've started and grown 6 businesses including 2 Award Winning British Software companies, so I've been there and done it multiple times. And I'm here to help you save money on the one thing you cannot ignore - accounting. I started AccountsCheap because I got fed up paying through the nose for expensive accounting services and now you can take advantage of it too. Call me on 01945 588105 or Email Me.


We are Micro Business Specialists. We do everything for you so you can concentrate on your business. Where you need to comply yourself, we also make sure you know what to do - BEFORE it's due - to comply with the law and avoid penalties.

Your Books - DONE

We use a state of the art cloud accounting solution to do your books for you. All you need is a business or dedicated bank account.

Your Year End - DONE

And whether you're a limited company or sole trader, we can handle your self-assessment and your corporation tax.

Your Assurance - Guaranteed

We are an HMRC Registered Agent, covered by the IAB professional code of conduct with a fully qualified UK in-house team.

I've known Quentin for over 6 years and he is a model of excellence and knowledge when it comes to accounting and business. I highly recommend him.

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Quentin Pain is working hard to put Fenland on the map from his base within the Cambridgeshire Fens where he and his team are developing a user friendly and cost effective accounts system, just right for business.

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Accounting doesn't have to be expensive...